In the film Gattaca by¬†Andrew Niccol there are many ideas behind the genetic formula and how it can be changed to make perfect people that are destined for greatness, however in this film Niccol shows what could be seen as the main drive of this film, and this is that there is no genetic formula […]

  In act 1, scene 5 shakespeare shows conflict through metaphors such as, “That tend on mortal thoughts, unsex me here” Lady macbeth is in this scene speaking to the supernatural(witches, wizards, god…etc) and is saying she wants to have her feminine qualities removed because she is sick of the way she has to ask […]

You are able to tell the average age of someone by what they say and how they say it, in a text conversation. The one key difference between modern and older texting language, is that most older generations will miss the fact that using slang is more efficient and much easier to use rather than […]