23rd February 2018


You are able to tell the average age of someone by what they say and how they say it, in a text conversation.

The one key difference between modern and older texting language, is that most older generations will miss the fact that using slang is more efficient and much easier to use rather than using formal language, which takes longer and contains less emotion. This is one of the ways you can tell if the texter is older or younger, because they will use either formal language or modern texting slang.

Another useful concept about modern text language is that it supports the texters privacy more, this is because there are more people that will understand formal language rather than modern text language, this means that if an older generation were to read a younger generations text conversation they probably would not be able to understand it.

For example, generally older texters will use more formal language compared to younger people who will use more modern slang to communicate over text. For a further example the use of the letters “lol”, in the modern text conversation means laugh out loud, however to many adults “lol” would mean lots of love, this is a classic and there are many other like it.



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  1. All the ideas are here in this analysis, but at the moment there are very few examples to support it. For example, if you’re going to state that texting is good for privacy, then you need to give an example of how a message could be constructed to encourage privacy.

    Ideally you’ll use examples from your own transcripts to do this. But you also welcome to create other examples from other material.

    I encourage you to continue to do this or at least go back to what you have written and add the examples that are needed.


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